Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stuffed Chicken Quesadillas

This week, as Zak & I were trying to decide what to make for dinner, ideas slowly formed in my head about this dish we made. I wanted something more than a cheese quesadilla, but wasn't thrilled about adding just peppers without chicken, etc. Once I realized we had enough ingredients to make 'fancy' quesadillas, I just went for it. And it was really good, with the exception of one thing: the really REALLY hot little pepper Zak cut up to add in. But overall, it was a success and we'll probably make these again this week!

I just thawed some chicken from the freezer, heated up a little butter and cooked the chicken (cut up, obviously) with some salt, pepper, a touch of minced garlic, and some chili powder. It turned out to be the perfect amount of spice!

While I was cooking the chicken, Zak diced red and green peppers, onion and a small little pepper we had (big mistake, it was beyond hot). I cooked those with a little bit of butter until they were tender.

Next, I heated up the tortilla, and added cheese. After a minute or two, I added some chicken and the veggies and let it cook evenly on both sides.

Then I transferred the quesadilla to the plate and added sour cream ('Mexican' kind, by Darigold--it has a bit more salt than normal sour cream--we really like it), corn and diced tomatoes on top.

I'm still really proud of this dish, because I am not one to just 'go with it' and make up recipes. But this was simple and fun enough, that I think I can handle it. We had a box of Spanish rice mix that I made to go along with, which was great. Next time, I might add the rice to the quesadilla when I add the cheese.

But in case you were wondering about the amounts, I'll list them below. This made three stuffed quesadillas, plus some extra veggies.

-one large chicken breast, cut into small cubes, tossed with a shake or two of: salt; pepper; minced garlic & chili powder
-half of a red pepper, diced
-half of a green pepper, diced
-half of an onion, diced
-half of a tomato, diced
-1/3 can of corn
-3 medium sized flour tortillas


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Sarah said...

Yummy!!!! I think I will try this soon!